Help Elect Jim Duffie GA House District 81 DeKalb

Jim Duffie,  a nuclear submariner, entrepreneur, tax expert extraordinaire, but most of all a dependable and steady ‘can do’ achiever.”

RADM William O. Miller, US Navy (Ret)


“Jim Duffie,  A dependable, thoughtful conservative dedicated to better governance at the lowest possible cost, with the will, skill and determination to make a difference.”

Sam Holliday, PhD, Director, Armiger Cromwell Center, LLC


“Jim is a man of integrity that will stand up for his principles.”

Georgia State Senator Fran Millar 

“Jim Duffie is running for House District 81 and is the right person to represent this district. I have known Jim professionally from our past years working together in the real estate field and have steadfast respect for Jim and his abilities. I know he will do a great job serving our state and hope you will join me in supporting Jim Duffie, candidate for House District 81.

Senator Johnny Isakson