When I enlisted in the U. S. Navy, I had no idea that I would become a Reactor Systems Operator on a nuclear submarine.

In that position I learned that any system can be built for safety.  There are radiation sensors, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, and other devices that monitor the second by second conditions within the closed environment of the reaction process.

In order for a catastrophic event to occur on a nuclear submarine, sensors and devices must be overridden by human action, and then failure upon failure must occur without intervention. Fortunately,  that never occurred in the Navy.

When my enlistment ended, I applied the concepts I learned in the Navy to my life and my business.  Every successful enterprise–from business to government–needs a good system and good people to make it successful.

Today, we are faced with the meltdown of DeKalb County’s government. Safeguards that were put in place–such as an Ethics Commission, budget processes, and accounting procedures–have been overridden, failure upon failure has occurred, and there has been no intervention.

In order to bring stability and safety back to the people of DeKalb County, we must prevent a system override by replacing the CEO position with a non-partisan countywide elected Chairman’s position.

With a good system and good people, we can #TakeBackDeKalb and insure that our citizens have a voice in local governance.

Jim Duffie, Candidate House District 81